Overcoming the Fear of Visiting the Dentist

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Dentophobia is the fear of the dentist or of visiting the dentist. It is related to iatrophobia, the fear of doctors; trypanophobia, fear of needles; hemophobia, fear of blood; and agliophobia, fear of pain. According to the British Dental Association, about twelve percent of British people have dental phobia. In the United States, about five to ten percent of adult Americans experience dentophobia, according to a 1983 survey conducted by the Journal of American Dental Association. Indeed, it is quite common.

Extreme to moderate fear of the dentist is often experienced as a child, but can be overcome. Adult fear of dentists can be classified as a phobia in itself. Those suffering from this phobia may avoid dental check-ups and miss out on necessary oral care. Sometimes, the problem is so severe--to the extent that the patient may experience oral health problems that require invasive treatment or surgery. This can further aggravate the dentophobia, according to a 2002 survey conducted by the BMC Oral Health Journal.

Dental anxiety is overcome gradually, and generally disappears by adolescence. Still there are those who feel that their fear only worsens with each procedure. Otherwise, people in general experience only mild anxiety and have no problem making regular visits to the dentist.

For children, parental guidance is advised. Parents must assure their children that the dental office is safe and that the dentist means no harm. The dentist buckhead is also trained to put young patients at ease and help children overcome their fear.

For those who can't get over their anxiety, it helps to consult mental health professionals. Unreasonable fears are usually rooted in deeper mental concerns. Therapy and medication might be necessary to encourage the patient to take better care of his dental health; visiting a regular dentist in Atlanta rather than consulting with a different dentist each time can also help ease a person's fears.

Fearing the dentist is understandable. However, extreme and prolonged fear can be unreasonable, especially for adults. Fear is no reason to avoid receiving professional dental care. There is really nothing to be afraid about: Your dentist in Atlanta is there to take care of your teeth and make them healthy, strong, and beautiful.

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Overcoming the Fear of Visiting the Dentist

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This article was published on 2011/07/14