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Is it possible to live a life without fear? In all probability, you have not come across anyone in your life who is without fear. We therefore, from our own experiences, generally believe that fear is part and parcel of a normal life.

However, in recent times, we have heard of people who are able to live their lives without fear. People like Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie and Jan Frazier are a handful of people who have written about and share their discovery of a fearless life. In olden times, many mystics and gurus have also been able to achieve living their lives without fear and sufferings.

So living a fearless life is possible. It is also desirable. According to those who have achieved a fearless life, it is our natural state. In other words, a fearless life is how we should be. So the lives we are living now, with fear, is abnormal. It is a symptom of a deep rooted dis-ease. Just because we are used to being fearful does not make fear normal. It is not.

Fear presents itself in various ways. The most obvious form of fear is being overtly fearful of things like impending injury or death, illnesses and pain. However, fear can also manifest itself in more subtle ways, such as mild anxiety, depression, irritable, anger, need to be loved and accepted, seeking approval from self and/or others, need for security and safety, and even the need to control. In short, whatever negative emotions we have are manifestations of fear.

How can we live without fear?

When we look at the common factor in all those who are living fearless lives now, and even those in the past, one thing stands out. They had the realization that we are spiritual beings, and they live according to that fact. Being spiritual, we are indestructible and it is also within our own power to manifest the lives we want through mastery of our mind. We become responsible for our lives.

Thus, as long as we do not see ourselves as spiritual beings, we are unlikely to be able to live a fearless life. Why? Because believing that we are totally and only this physical being makes us completely vulnerable to diseases, destruction and death.

Little wonder we constantly seek to reassure ourselves by seeking control and security but no matter how much control and security we have, we will still feel inadequate.

How can we therefore be free from fear? The answer is that we cannot be free from fear as long as we believe that we are only this physical body.

We cannot find peace without spirituality.

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Living Without Fear

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This article was published on 2010/04/01