How to Master Fear

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When most of us think of fear, we think of perhaps coming face to face with a bear out in the woods, or something of that nature.  You would be surprised to learn that there are literally hundreds of thousands of things that we can actually be afraid of.  These are just a few examples:-

  1. Flying;
  2. Enclosed spaces;
  3. Snakes;
  4. Water;
  5. Wild Animals;
  6. Heights;
  7. Technology;
  8. Bugs;
  9. Losing our Mind;
  10. Speaking in Public.
As you can see, they are in no particular order.  One of the very top fears is that of speaking in public.  No doubt you have no difficulty talking to a group of your close friends but put you in front of a few strangers who are now going to be hanging on your every word and you freeze, your knees start shaking and you can hardly get a word out of your mouth. 

What is happening here?  One thing is you are now concerned about what people will think of you.  Just remember you have something important to tell them and as long as you are familiar with your subject, it is a sure thing that you know much more about what you are going to say that your audience does.  Preparation is certainly the key to making a good presentation.

What I like to do is have a few trial runs at home.  I will position myself in front of a large mirror and, while looking directly at myself, give the best presentation I can possibly give.  You will be surprised at how, with each try, you actually get better and better.  I might also give the talk to my husband and get his feedback.  We get so wrapped up in what we are saying that sometimes we are too emotionally involved in it to be objective about areas that could be improved upon.

I have recently read a very interesting book regarding "firewalking", breaking bricks and bending re-bar.  I could feel a massive adrenaline rush just reading about these things.  I couldn't get my mind around the belief that they were impossible to accomplish.  However, I knew that the author was not lying and that people were walking through fire, breaking bricks and bending re-bar  regularly.  There was no trickery involved.

So, how was this being accomplished?  Well, the very first thing these firewalkers have to do is have a strong belief that they are going to be successful.....that they are not going to get burned.  Just imagine right now, taking off your shoes and socks and standing at the edge of this path of red hot coals.  You have to put that first foot forward and take that step into the fire and keep on going and not look back.  You have to be fully focused on the task at hand and not start second guessing yourself.  If you take your mind off the task,  you will indeed lose your concentration and you will have to suffer the consequences.

The point was also made that if you were doing this to impress someone who might be watching, then your ego was fully engaged and you were not placing your focus on accomplishing something but rather on trying to make yourself look good.  News are going to get burned!

If you are trying to succeed in business, you might have a fear of failing.  On a subconscious level you might believe that you don't have what it takes to succeed like the next person.  You might even feel that you are not worthy of success.  Until you work on your mindset and have the belief that you can and will succeed and that you deserve to have what you desire, then things will remain the same.  Just wanting something is not going to make it so.  This is something that you should be doing to fulfill a desire in you and not to impress others with a  high income.

There are various techniques to releasing negative beliefs from our subconscious.  Most forms of meditation will have some positive effect on us.  Visualization and repeating upbuilding affirmations also work very well.  This is something that you have to work on on a daily basis if you want to transform your mind over. 

You are indeed worthy of achieving all your goals and dreams.....every human being is entitled to that. You just have to be coming from a place where you truly believe it yourself.  We create our own future with our daily thoughts. This is a very profound realization.

We have to stop and take the time to analyze the thoughts that are running through our minds regularly.  Are they negative or positive?  Do they build us up or drag us down?  The moment you realize you are thinking negatively, then immediately replace that thought with a positive one.  Keep on doing this and you will find that eventually you are becoming a much more positive person and wonderful things will start happening in your life.

The only thing to fear is fear itself.  We have to break through that strong emotion by replacing it with an equally strong or stronger that will fill us with the energy to take that first step into the fire, to keep on walking and to never look back.

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How to Master Fear

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This article was published on 2010/03/30