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It has long been known that the simplest and most effective way to control a population of people is through fear.

The reason Vlad the Impaler did the gruesome acts he did was to strike fear in the local population, thereby making them easier to control. The reason most religions put the fear of eternal damnation and fire and brimstone on their parishioners is to keep them in line.

Throughout history, one will find that people in power have used fear to maintain the status quo. The times have changed, the tactics have changed, but fear is still the primary tool used to control people.

In the past, priests wore strange costumes, muttered strange words, and staged elaborate ceremonies to evoke fear, and awe, in the people. The priests were the tools of those in power.

Today we have CNN, FOX News, and other media outlets acting as the stooges for the power elite. Their primary purpose is not to inform as much as it is to occupy your attention with reasons to be afraid.

If you are aware, you will notice that the things to be fearful of are constantly changing...sort of a fear du jour, if you will. Twenty-five years ago it was the Russians, Libya, the ozone layer, AIDS, the possibility we are heading for a new Ice Age, and the Ayatollah, to name a few. Today they are occupying us with the threat of terrorism, global warming, Korea, Iran, the sinking economy, and many others. When one thing gets so worn out that it no longer elicits the proper amount of fear, the power elite will find, or create a new one to replace it.

Many people believe that 9/11, and the subsequent war on terror, was allowed to happen, if not totally orchestrated, by high-level members of our government under the control of (or in cahoots with) the global power elite! The evidence is very strong to back these claims up.

The reasons behind keeping us fearful is an old magician's trick. While we are watching or preoccupied with what one hand is doing, we fail to see what the other hand is doing. While we were so worried about terrorism and personal safety, we allowed many personal freedoms to be eradicated by the government. The government, through the NSA, can and does eavesdrop on our personal emails and phone calls. Big Brother is no longer a possibility, but a reality.

We need to wise up to this shell game they have been playing on us, before "America, land of the free, and home of the brave", becomes neither one.

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Fear Mongers

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This article was published on 2010/03/30
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