A System of Fear

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Fear rules, not only the day, but our lives, and you let it. We get some individual who decides he/she wants to make money, and what is the best way of doing that? Fear! Fear not only parts us from our money, it prevents us from making money. Fear will goad us into whatever direction the fear monger decides he wants us to go, and people will bow before him and proclaim the "wisdom" of that person to be greater than everyone else's. We are all sheep being herded. Well most of us are, but there are many who dare to stand outside of the herd, to be different and to investigate for themselves. Those who are being herded will not even recognize that FACT!

Let's take a modern day situation and look at it. Let's look at global warming as an example. Do you remember just a few years ago when they were holding the Kyoto meetings, and it was determined that man was producing too much CO2 (greenhouse gases) and this was the cause of the global warming and the melting of the polar caps, both North and South. There was a prediction of world flooding and all manner of "natural disasters". Today, because these 'liars', and yes I dare to use that word because I believe in calling a spade a spade, have changed their tune to global change! Why? Because now we are experiencing a thickening of the ice caps, and a cooling, and they have to still sing the song of reducing CO2 so that the first world countries will give their wealth that they worked so hard to accumulate to those who desire to have it all. If you researched this thoroughly, you would easily find the scam by the UN and a few, like Al Gore who are making millions off this hoax and do nothing to eradicate their "footprint" and use up energy like there was no tomorrow. The same can be said of David Suzuki. Both of these people do nothing to conserve electricity, cut back on the burning of carbon fuels, or any other conservation method and are laughing all the way to the bank with your money. And to do it they fleece you using the fear they have engendered in you. But this is not the point of this article. It is how we defeat ourselves, or allow ourselves to be defeated through only fear!

Now we will apply these truths to our marketing practices. We fear losing money, and so we will not invest in ourselves! And yet, history shows that it is those who take risks who are the ones to make money. But there risk was based on knowledge, on an educated basis of , not only possibility, but probability! So why do only 5% of networkers succeed? Because there are only 5% of us who bother to become educated in marketing. The rest are swayed by fear, and what they fear most is what happens to them.

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A System of Fear

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This article was published on 2010/04/04